BootKamp Pilates
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"Haven't been working out for a long time! After reference of a friend about the re-opening of Bootkamp Pilates in Antwerp, I did a try-out class! I can tell you that I loved the first class and since then I've been so motivated to do 3 classes per week. Excercises are not that difficult and you can feel immediately your muscles working out. Toney and Lizette are so nice people and very good instructors! Thank you again!"

Myriam A

"Alexandre: I appreciate your classes and your ability to be very tough and very encouraging at the same time. Several times in your classes I have found myself doing that little extra that I thought I could not do. "


"I just wanted to put in writing what I told you in class yesterday.  I have been a runner for years, but in the past year I had gained a few pounds and it just stayed.  I added your Pilates class into my routine and since January first I have lost 17 pounds.  I still run 3 or 4 times a week, but since starting your class I have seen changes in my running posture and core strength.  I am over all a happier runner and absolutely thrilled at the weight loss! So thanks again for running such a fabulous class!. "

Jill O

"i wish all the ones i love would start the year with a strong resolution: join Toney's Bootkamp ;-) Will they do it? i don't know but discovering Toney's classes had such a huge, positive impact on the way i'm feeling now that i would like them to experience it as well. "

Jorge L

"I am now in Greece and my family is very impressed by the results of bootkamp pilates :) They all thank you a lot!"

Chrysa L

"I am actually quite amazed. I have problems with a hip and the pain is relieved after just one session! I had not expected that to happen!"

Anette R

"Although I'm not a very healthy oriented person I went to try out Toney's BootKamp Pilates class and was really impressed it. I found the physical exercises extremely challenging while fun at the same time. The hour class passed in a flash and at the end of it I felt my body really toned up. I truly believe Bootkamp pilates is one of the best ways to achieve physical fitness and can't wait for my next Friday class"

Ian R

"I tried Pilates for my first time and the results are pretty obvious! It increased my strength, my flexibility, my bodyblance and overall I feel better than ever and all of this while having fun! I highly recommend it if you are active in sports as I am! (surfing, football..) it is helping me a lot :) Thanks Toney, you are a great teacher!"

Cristian Ll

"I tried Bootkamp Pilates for the first time, thinking it was going to be quite easy as I run 3-4 times a week. Was I in for a surprise! It was a total workout and I was sore in places I didn't even know I had muscles. I was sweating even more than when I run. It's a great way to get a full-body workout in a short time. For busy people who want to maintain fit, I think it's the perfect exercise."

Mei-Yin Teo

"I received a fitness program from Toney back in November. And after following the program for four months I have trimmed my waist size from 42 to 40. And more importantly I have gained muscle and am feeling fit."


Laurent M.

"After the results that I got from regularly attending BootKamp Pilates classes, it was a pleasure to put on my swimsuit!"

Fanny. L.


"Before trying the Bootkamp Pilates with Toney I didn't know I could have muscles or that I could feel so strong... I am a big fan and enjoy every lesson. Thank you Toney :-))"

Mary. L.

"Thank you Toney. One day after the first lesson, good back seems...back !..."

Eric V.

"I love the new Friday morning class. It's the only thing that gets me out of bed at 6.30am!"

Maëlle Danse